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Senior/Functional Needs

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Emergency Management (CMEMO), in conjunction with the Council on Aging and Senior Center, has developed a program to assist its residents of all ages with special and/or functional needs.  The Senior and Functional Needs Disaster Registry program is designed to help those with specific special needs during emergency situations.  Please be advised that you must reside within Mecklenburg County to register.  If you work inside Mecklenburg County, you may also register for the program.

This program provides a registration opportunity for those who are homebound or have disabilities that require assistance for evacuation.  Healthcare needs such as use of oxygen, respirator/ventilator, wheelchair, use animal assistance, visually impaired, hard of hearing, speech impaired, or cognitively/developmentally delayed meet this criteria.

Registration is voluntary. During emergencies registrants will be prioritized for assistance according to the size and location of the emergency and potential limited resources available. Registering should be done along with additional preparedness measures. When you are registered through CMEMO in the Senior and Functional Needs Disaster Registry, your specific needs will be immediately available to first responders in the event of a disaster or emergency in and around your geographic location.

To register, click on this link and complete form

Your address will be validated to ensure that you reside in Mecklenburg County. If you are registering your work location into this system, your business address will also be validated to ensure it exists within Mecklenburg County. If you do not have access to a computer or prefer to register by phone, you may dial 311 from within Mecklenburg County or (704) 336-7600 from outside Mecklenburg County.

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