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Tier 2

2016 Tier 2 Reporting Requirements for Mecklenburg County 

Since the 2011 reporting year, Charlotte / Mecklenburg accepts reporting to the state system as having fulfilled Mecklenburg County and its local jurisdictions reporting requirements. We do not require (and discourage) paper Tier 2 reports. All fire departments in Mecklenburg County have access to the State system and can retreive information from that site. There are no local reporting fees. There is one exception to this. If your facility reports TRADE SECRET information you still must submit locally by emailing a validated .t2s file to This file must be exported from the EPA’s Tier2Submit application only after the data has been validated with no errors. The Tier2Submit application is free of charge and may be downloaded from the EPA’s Tier2 Submit website.

North Carolina has implemented Tier 2 reporting fees. Information on these fees and other questions can be found at the State Tier 2 Website. The state also has created an FAQ list. Additionally there is a tutorial with online videos regarding how to register, report and pay at the State Tier 2 tutorial website.

To access the State and Local E-Plan System, please go to the E-Plan website

For more information on the Tier2 reporting system,

Please visit the EPA's Tier2 website.

If you have questions, you may contact the

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Tier2 Program Office by emailing us.

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