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Floodplain Mapping

Flooding is one of the primary hazards faced by Mecklenburg County. Part of what makes flooding so dangerous is that it's unpredictable. Charlotte-Mecklenburg is more prone to flash flooding than many U.S. cities because of our climate and the lay of our land. During the same storm, rainfall amounts can vary widely in different parts of town. That makes it very difficult to predict where it will flood or how bad the flood will be.

Citizens can help with flood awareness and preparedness through a new program called (ARKwhich promotes Awareness, Responsibility and Knowledge among all citizens to help save lives and property.

There are also online resources that allow you to check to see if your property lies in a designated floodplain. The State of North Carolina system is called the North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Information System. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Stormwater Services also provides an online resource - a 3D Floodplain Mapping System that will provide property boundaries and 3D Views for Mecklenburg County. This system is available online at 3D Interactive Floodplain Map.

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