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Possibility of an emergency or disaster situation that may require a partial or full activation of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).


Disaster or emergency situation likely or imminent.

  • Full or partial activation of Emergency Operations Center(EOC);
  • Activate Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)
  • Activate the appropriate specific impact hazard emergency plan.


Disaster or emergency situation in effect;

  • maximum preparedness level;
  • full activation of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).


Disaster or emergency situation in effect;

  1. full-fledged emergency response operations on-going;
  2. highest state of emergency operations.

McGuire Nuclear Station Information

McGuire Nuclear Station is located on Lake Norman in Mecklenburg County, N.C. Lake Norman — the state’s largest man-made lake — was built by Duke Energy in 1963 by damming the Catawba River with Cowans Ford Hydroelectric Station. The lake provides cooling water for both McGuire Nuclear Station and Marshall Steam Station. Unit 1 at McGuire Nuclear Station began commercial operation in 1981, followed by unit 2 in 1984. Duke Energy nuclear power plants operate at a very high level of security every day.

NC4 Users Conference in Chicago

NC4 Users Conference for E Team in Chicago.


While there have been significant advances in predicting possible tornadoes  we still recommend every household have a NOAA Weather Radio and a plan of action for your family. That plan needs to include your emergency preparedness kit, a communication plan, and knowing your"safe place".  The safest place at home is on the lowest level of the structure, away from windows, preferably in a small room (closet or bathroom) in the center of the house.


Chemical threats can come from terrorist attacks, industrial accidents, transportation accidents and even common household products. The following resources can help you prepare for and recover from a chemical threat.

Annexes & Procedures

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EOC Activation

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